Lifeseeker: Discover some of our successful missions.

    Imagine: dense forest, rugged terrain, snow-capped mountains and people in distress who need urgent help. Lifeseeker is an emergency beacon for many people in difficult situations, where every second counts and every decision is the difference between life and death.     Lifeseeker is based on a simple premise: the mobile phone is […]

SURVIVAL KIT:10 must-haves for your mountain backpack

      When you pack your backpack for a day in the mountain, you don’t think about what could go wrong, but you have to, because you could save your own life. Whether you are an expert or just starting out in hiking, it is very important to be clear about what equipment you […]

Taking flight at European Rotors. An overview of our experience.

European Rotors Booth Team

  Why European Rotors? European Rotors is one of Europe’s largest trade fairs specialising in the helicopter aviation sector and this year it was held in Madrid, how could we not attend? The importance of this annual event, which took place from 28-30 November, is that it is a key meeting point for companies, professionals […]