ISO 9001, EN 9100. Can you tell them apart?




At CENTUM research & technology we know that in today’s dynamic business environment, quality and efficiency are essential for the sustainable success of any organization. Two standards that stand out in this scenario are ISO 9001 and EN 9100. Would you know the difference between them?


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 acts as a global beacon by establishing the fundamental requirements for Quality Management Systems, providing a framework adaptable to any sector and business environment, i.e. it establishes the requirements that a company must meet to have a proper quality management system in place.


EN 9100

In parallel, EN 9100, based on ISO 9001, enters the specialized field of the aerospace and defense industry, adding specific requirements and particular approaches focused on customer satisfaction and product safety. Let’s say it is a more rigorous and demanding standard, given the context in which it will be applied.

The aerospace and defense industry requires extremely high standards of quality and safety, due to the critical implications of products and services in these areas. Therefore, EN 9100 establishes a detailed framework to ensure that production, quality control and management processes meet stringent standards, ensuring reliability and excellence throughout the product life cycle. In addition, this standard encourages continuous improvement and innovation within organizations, thus promoting technological advancement and competitiveness in the aerospace and defense sector.



In CENTUM research & technology we are certified in both ISO 9001 and EN 9100 standards, accrediting our compliance with quality standards. Both standards are very important, as they ensure that the established processes comply with all the requirements and regulations of the aerospace and defense sectors. They not only define standards; they are valuable tools that guide companies towards exceptional and adaptive practices in a constantly evolving business world, something that, for us, is paramount: innovation and excellence.




Were you aware of the difference between these two standards before reading this post?