Taking flight at European Rotors. An overview of our experience.

European Rotors Booth Team


Why European Rotors?

European Rotors is one of Europe’s largest trade fairs specialising in the helicopter aviation sector and this year it was held in Madrid, how could we not attend?

The importance of this annual event, which took place from 28-30 November, is that it is a key meeting point for companies, professionals and enthusiasts who want to explore the latest trends, share knowledge and make strategic connections. The event brought together thousands of companies and attendees, creating a buzz of ideas, technologies and opportunities that echoed through the traid fair halls. From aircraft manufacturers to service providers and aerospace technology visionaries, European Rotors provided a unique space to exchange knowledge and strengthen the industry’s collaborative network.


What was our booth like?

Our booth stood out as a symbol of innovation and commitment to product excellence. Designed to immerse visitors in our universe of technological advances, the booth became a vibrant meeting point, where we exchanged experiences, insights, our dedication to saving lives, and shared our more than two hundred success cases.


Inspiring the future

Our CEO, Héctor Estévez, participated in Panel Independent and Versatile OPENSIGHT Decision Support System: One System for All Missions sharing a paper with Arend Wedekind from HENSOLDT Avionics and Mattia Carpin from FlySight. Reflections on emerging trends, integrations and the innovation that Lifeseeker brings to search and rescue missions were some of the topics covered in the talk.


European Rotors HéctorEuropean Rotors Héctor in PanelPanel European Rotors


An unforgettable event

After a day of innovation and networking at the fair, the vibrant energy of European Rotors was extended to an event we organised for our guests to enjoy with us the perfect combination of technology and hospitality, as we raise a toast to the future of aviation.

In the heart of Madrid, good food was enjoyed, an innovative atmosphere and enriching conversations. The event was not only an extension of our presence at the fair, but also an opportunity to connect with industry leaders, exchange ideas and network in a relaxed environment among friends.


European Rotors cocktail event CENTUM


We would like to express our gratitude to all the visitors who took the time to explore our booth and to all the people who joined us at our event. Your presence added invaluable value and contributed to making this an unforgettable meeting.


We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to continued success in helping to save lives.



Thank you all for being part of this experience!